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Pacific West Capital Group life settlements

Pasific West CapitalPeople have had the right to sell their life insurance policies for over a century, but the collapse of the mortgage market and subsequent economic decline drove Wall Street investors in search of new, alternative investments to supplement existing portfolios. The life settlement industry has grown into a $20 billion marketplace that is predicted to continue to grow.

Pacific West Capital Group has claimed a share of the life settlements market by limiting its client base to California investors with at least $20,000 available to invest. Qualified investors can invest in one policy or in several policies. Life settlements are regulated by the Securities Division of the California Department of Corporations.

Life insurance policies are chosen by Pacific West Capital Group using strict criteria to reduce risk. Only Universal Life policies from Standard & Poor’s A-rated or better insurance companies, are considered for purchase. The insured must be at least 75 years of age with documented chronic or degenerative health issues. Although exact predictions cannot be made about life expectancy of a particular individual, life settlement investments have provided investors with returns of approximately 12 to 14 percent over the past 15 years, according to industry averages.

Investors with Pacific West Capital Group can take advantage of an investment opportunity that was previously available only to large institutional investors and private individuals with sufficient capital to allow them to pay a policy owner the full market value of the policy. Now, smaller investors can acquire a fractional interest in a policy for as little as $20,000.

One factor making life settlements a preferred alternative investment vehicle for investors is their ability to avoid the influences of interest rate fluctuations, oil and gas prices, and the volatilities of the stock, bond and commodities markets. Investors seeking diversification in their portfolios without fear of direct influence typical economic conditions have made life settlements a popular investment choice.

Standard IRA and 401(k) accounts can be used to fund the purchase of life settlement investments.

The process created by Pacific West Capital Group for investors includes independent escrow agents to handle the money from all transactions, including the death benefit payment, and the creation of a trust to take ownership of the policies. This process offers investors the security of knowing that all transactions are completely independent of Pacific West Capital Group. Investors can focus on their investments without worrying about the financial strength and viability of Pacific West Capital.

Policies are purchased by PWCG Trust and administered by a trustee. Death benefits are paid to the trustee through an escrow agent who then makes distributions to investors. This process makes it possible for life settlements to be part of an IRA  investment created through a third-party administrator.

Marco-Abel Nordio: Tips for Choosing Rehab Properties

As the president in charge of acquisition activities at Studio Residences, Marco-Abel Nordio has acquired a great deal of practical experience in renovation and rehab services during his career in the real estate industry. In most cases, three key factors can determine the financial success and profitability of these property renovation projects.


Acquiring distressed properties at the right price for profitability can be challenging. Presenting lowball offers to the current owners can poison the well and render further offers on the property less acceptable. Conversely, purchasing these properties at too high a price can eliminate profit for investors after rehab has been completed and the property is offered for sale. Performing due diligence on market prices and comparable sales figures and researching the current condition of the property can provide a greater degree of control during the negotiation process and can allow investment firms to consistently acquire the right properties at the right price.

Market Conditions

Consider both macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions, which can play a significant role in determining the value and salability of properties in the real estate market. The scarcity or abundance of homes on the market can have a major impact on prices on a regional or local basis. On the national level, mortgage rates and loan availability can be determining factors for profitability in real estate transactions.

Structural Integrity

The overall condition of the home should be considered when identifying good candidates for rehab investments. While many cosmetic problems are relatively easy and cheap to fix, foundation problems and electrical issues can often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars that comes directly out of the potential profits investors need to make these projects worthwhile.

By considering these factors when choosing rehab properties for renovation, real estate investors can protect their financial resources and ensure maximum profitability in this volatile segment of the housing marketplace.