Preferences of Google Chrome

The sailors, on the Google Chrome longer commonly spoken, has some extensions, it is sometimes difficult to be due to the large quantity of them out there.

Then we will be using you and show preference, so you can enjoy them.

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WikiLookUp: It allows looking up a word in Wikipedia to any text or word in a Web-selective. It will automatically detect the language of the text and will open an eyelash with the information this wiki.

Share on Tumblr: In this case, only permitted to share the connection in Tumblr of fast form.

One number: Notificador of Google Reader, Gmail, Google, and Google Voice Wave, four in one. It is configurable, so that we can take away as Google Voice and show only the other three. The Notificator Gmail, Google Apps.

X-Marks: Other basic extension for any ultra-bound person. He begins to think about different navigator’s synchronized scoreboards and in the cloud.

Chrome Bird: If we use Twitter, this extension to our liking, because he does star of Microblogging to control the entire activity of our accounts in service.

To generate LastPass: A manager of passwords, which is synchronized on the different mariners and allows us to secure and unique passwords for every place without us should take care to commemorate it. The version is still a way for Chrome, but that level of convenience to go through on a perfect level of aesthetics.

ChromeMilk: To jump to our list of Remember the Milk tasks suspended for one-button access, and always have our list in hand. This is not an official extension, but works very well.

Megaupload Downloader: it exceeds the limits of Megaupload, a square of adding dialogue to choose to watch where the discharges. Later, he does all the work in the background.

Chrome MUSE: Other Acortador of URLs. It installs a button in the bars of the lines. It is oppressive, you attain the already shortened URL. It supports the API but also works with other Acortadores.

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