PrintBrush, a New Revolusioner Printer

No doubt it’s a refreshing product that can be revolutionary, provided that it works when all they hope. This is a portable printer that is capable of documents up to A4 size print, and here we present you only preambles to be so.

"alt=Printbrush"The world of printers will be simplified, depending on the technology advances. The finishing is affected each time more organized, and many of them are a basic piece for the company today.
The fact that we come today to comment on through you, this is a great innovation that can, as we have told you to be revolutionary. It goes from a portable printer capable therefore to provide the basic necessities of impression satisfied without drawbacks.
His name is PrintBrush and surprised by his first application for its quality and speed of the impression.

The resolution, which reached this device, is 600 dpi, something is caught for nothing and his despicable weighs only 250 grams (his design, which can be handled by just one hand).
We are documents from black to white in size A4 print, and we do not doubt that the color hesitate to come when success is expected.

Something he really detachable is that this little equipment using a refillable battery fed and that he WiFi connection, bluetooth and infrared features. In this way you will be intrigued documents without the need for the computer to print, it will be enough (the equipment is moved on a paper or on any surface, even cardboard, tissues were you, etc.) to make it appear the copy.
Its selling price is only 200 dollars and it will be marketed from next year begun to be.

Then Prepare for a new kind of impression that can be vaguely seen as a near future.

We will then have to wait several months to test this device, and explore the comments of the first user.

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