Bluetooth Technology is the Solution

Bluetooth technology will be in a small area networking to the next level, eliminating the need for user intervention and help keep transmission power very low to preserve battery power. Each transmission signal to and from the phone is used only 1 MW of power, giving plenty of room for the battery to talk.

Bluetooth is a networking standard that works on two levels:
1. It will provide agreement at the physical level, as Bluetooth is a standard radio frequency.
2. It will provide agreement at the protocol level, in which they must agree on when bits are sent, how many are sent, and how the parties in conversation can be sure that the message received is the same one that has been sent.

Extractions most important is the fact that Bluetooth is wireless, inexpensive and automatic. There are other ways to work around the wires, including infrared. Uses infrared light, this is a frequency lower than the human eye can see, and is normally used in television remote controls.

Bluetooth technology is designed to circumvent the problems that normally come with infrared systems. The older Bluetooth 1.0 standard has a transfer rate up to 1 MB per second, while the standard Bluetooth 2.0 can handle up to 3.0 MB per second. To make things better, 2.0 is compatible with devices of 1.0.

As a solution to wireless, Bluetooth eliminates the need for messy cords, keeping everything nice and clean. It’s perfect for those who like to talk on a cell phone, because you no longer need to hold the phone next to your ear – which is great for those who travel a lot.

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