Facebook will “Exercise” Greater Control On Its Advertisement-like Networks.

The famous social network Facebook is in the advertising department of the stern, which is exhibited in many of the applications it offers.

And the fact is that the company has decided recently to take serious steps to win as the developer of the third part money with the social, bony network, there will be now more filters that will determine which type can be used by networks in the advertisement-like applications.

Be according to Softpedia, resolution, has come to the Facebook has its origin in recent scandals that provoked the Monetization some applications from its developer. Facebook then decided not to stay with her hands crossed, so has created a list of providers of Monetization ” that it will continue to have banned the entry in the place.

So, is any application that works with these providers to be removed also from the social network? “In an effort to adjust life-informed about the forms to the top of our political and still be while you still wake up with your trade on the Facebook Platform, we have created a list of providers of Monetization who already Facebook is the platform or may not Facebook.com act. ” it has declared Nick Gianos, Member of the features of the platform of Facebook.

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