A new Prototype of the Wireless Phone with Android Motorola

Right now all familiar with Android, a company founded on the core Linux operating system and developed inicialmente by Google, which was made famous to penetrate quickly into the devices of the mobile telephony.

But because we see with this new archetype of Motorola, it said operating system able to extend in other environments such as in the domestic telephone company.
His name is Motorola HS1001, and as already mentioned, I have, although there is currently only an experimental prototype of the company, the exploit presents the first attempt to integrate Android into a conventional wireless phone.

Some of the characteristics that he Xataka picks, its dual Wi-Fi connectivity: A to the base of the phone and to include others in the network Wi-Fi connection, which we have in the house.

Its processor is a DSPG Arm9 at 240 MHz has a 2.8-inch screen with QVGA resolution, 256 MB of flash ROM memory and 128 MB of RAM, slots for micro SD Card and skylight, close the operating system, Android 1.6 (without between the featureless Motoblur). If he is able to be marketed, he would be made after June of this year, beginning in the United Kingdom and the United States. Although official confirmation is still lacking, it is important that the price would be around 150 dollars.
Motorola, wireless device, Motorola HS1001, Android

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