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I believe most of the bloggers in the world to his blog is very familiar with the name Alexa Rank. Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank, because the third name has always been something pursued by the Blogger or Webmaster. Alexa Rank is very influential on blogs and websites that we make. If you are not familiar with Alexa Rank or not understood completely, the following article may help you.

In general, Alexa Traffic Rank is a ranking your blog. The more traffic, the better the Alexa Rank Your Blog. More details this way: “Alexa Rank or Alexa Rank is a system created by Alexa.com to denote rank / ranking of a site based on site traffic. The traffic is higher, the higher the site ranking.

Alexa Rank has a value of 1 onward (Until the millions). The value of your Alexa Rank is smaller, so is better. This means Highest Alexa Rank is 1, the greater the value the more down rank. “Then how important Alexa Rank? If your site is not created for the purpose of making money, Alexa rank is not important. However, if your site is aimed on the contrary, factors must be your Alexa Rank is calculated the same as Google Pagerank. Because a lot of money producing sites on the internet that makes Alexa Rank as a benchmark value of a site. Examples site Text Link ads, Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe, and Ask2Link. In addition, your Alexa Rank also describes the popularity of your site. This will result in many advertisers who want to put ads on your site. Other benefits would affect the visitors or readers of your blog. If you are a good Alexa Rank, of course they will be more enthusiastic and loyal to the blog. I’m sure the number of readers will increase with increasing Alexa Rank.

How Alexa Rank value is there to say good? In my opinion, Alexa Rank below 100 thousand is good enough. From here, you step to improve the ranking will be more smooth. I know Alexa Rank? One way to know Alexa Rank is to visit the site Alexa.com, click the “site info”, then on the “site lookup” insert the URL of your site. Then click GO. It would appear that the data recorded by Alexa about your site. Another way to know Alexa Rank your site is to install the Alexa toolbar and widgets.
Hopefully this article is useful to you as a Blogger.

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