The Proposal

Sandra Bullock is one of my all time favorite actresses. I have loved just about every movie that she has ever been in. I even own most of them. Sandra has a way of being completely believable, no matter what part she plays. When I saw an ad for her new movie The Proposal on Direct Star TV, I had to watch it. There was no question about it. Needless to say, Sandra delivered a great performance just as she usually does. This movie had me caught up in it and laughing from the very beginning. It is a movie about a highly successful, and very independent, business woman who has no room for relationships in her life. Because of her being from Canada without a green card, she winds up having to pretend that she is engaged to be married to her personal assistant. She has to go through the motions of meeting his entire family and winds up falling in love with not just her assistant but all of them. She just has to let her guard down in order to admit that she does.

This movie was no doubt one of the best comedies that I have seen this year. Not only was it very touching, but also comical. It just goes to show that if you do not let yourself know how wonderful a person is, you won’t. Anyone who is looking to see a good movie, definitely needs to see this one. You will not be disappointed.

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