Wi-Fi Technologies for Internet Users

The great effects of the internet for the human daily use make the internet that provided with the wired cable to be connected to the internet providers changed into the wireless technologies to improve the mobility of the internet technologies user.

The new internet technologies that make the internet user can use the internet any where is the broadband technologies. One of the internet technologies that can use to connect to the internet is the Wi-Fi technology. The Wi-Fi technologies itself is the wireless communication technologies that make or provide the connection between the portable computers or the mobile devices that provided with the Wi-Fi modem. The mobile devices that applied with the Wi-Fi included the mobile phones and the PDAs. The Wi-Fi technology that makes the devices connected to the internet has the same capabilities as the wired internet connector devices. The internet access that provided by the Wi-Fi devices can be use easily and have the same speed as the wired devices.

The Wi-Fi speed standard come in 11 megabits per second up to 54 megabits per second. The connection knows as the broadband connection because the vast amount of data that can be sent quickly. This mobile technology is very helpful for the internet users that like to access their internet anywhere they want than access their internet at the home. The same speed of internet that is provide the wired internet access and from the Wi-Fi internet access make the Wi-Fi become a favorite for access the internet.

This condition make the growth of the internet access that using Wi-Fi technology growth bigger in every years. But, the Wi-Fi technology that must have the Wi-Fi modem inside the computer to gain access to the Wi-Fi hotspot make the Wi-Fi technology become limited to a few user. The computer that uses the Wi-Fi technology is usually portable computer than the desktop computer.

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