Different Goal of Essays

This is a student duty to accomplish his academic goal. But, to accomplish his goal, he needs to write essays and papers. Of course, those essays and papers will be varied from descriptive essays to research papers. As student, he will have no choice but to write them all. Furthermore, those writing assignments are his source of academic scores.

Among those essays, there is narrative essay. This essay is a writing piece which enables writer to create an event for his readers. This essay is reflecting a happening in the real world but it is constructed in beautiful words so that readers seem to be brought to a new world. The happening which is reflected in the essay usually is the writer’s own experiences. This essay should contain a lesson and a central idea. So, it is not just a story. The writer may need to make an outline of what he is going to write. It is to ensure the continuation of the plot. The writer should not directly inform the reader about the plot of the story. The writer should make a vivid description of his experience so that reader can enjoy the story while guessing the next plot. Another type of essay will be literature essay. Unlike the narrative, this essay should be short and informative. This essay should only point one idea as it discusses a content of book. This essay should obviously highlight the idea which is taken from the book. The content should inform the detail of the idea. The writer should also provide proves to support the idea.  As the writing is going deeper, examples and samples which are taken from the source book may be needed to be included on the essay. The writer should be able to answer the question which may occur from his writing result. Furthermore, the idea itself may have already contained the question. And, the last part of the writing piece should contain conclusion of all points which are discussed on the essay.

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